Premix D

Ultra low cost, ultra compact, easy to operate, single station Dialyzer Reprocessing System.

One button operation - With just one button press, it takes less than seven minutes to reprocess one dialyzer. Both high flux and low flux dialyzers and hemodia-filters can be reprocessed.

Five step process - rinses the dialyzers, clean using liquid disinfectant (Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic acid), tests the membrane integrity by measuring bundle volume and pressure leak tests and finally affusion, filling the dialyzer with liquid disinfectant. Each cycle takes 25ml of disinfectant per dialyzer

In built Conductivity sensor - As the chemical is prepared manually, the machine ensures the chemical has the required conductivity. The machine stops and reports with an alarm to user if the chemical isn't premixed as per the required standards.

Dialyzer membrane integrity tests - Bundle volume is visible on the level scale for manual read. The Pressure leak test is reported on the OLED display.

Accessories - Each system is shipped with a dual unit drip tray, a water pressure gauge to measure water pressure supplied to the system and other accessories like blood port caps, PVC medical graded tubes for water connections along with

NOTE : Disinfectant should be premixed externally, the chemical will be sucked from the can at required pressure and flow.

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