Dia Flo

Ultra compact, high speed, single station dialyzer reprocessing system with inbuilt Android TM powered user

Single station reprocessing of dialyzers - It takes less than nine minutes to reprocess a dialyzer. Both high flux and low flux dialyzers and hemodia-filters can be reprocessed.

Five step process - rinses the dialyzers, clean using liquid disinfectant (Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic acid), tests the membrane integrity by measuring bundle volume and pressure leak tests and finally affusion, filling the dialyzer with liquid disinfectant. Each cycle takes 25ml of disinfectant per dialyzer

In built QR Code scanner - If there is a QR label on dialyzer then the inbuilt QR code scanner can be used to capture and record dialyzer data.

Reports on email - Reprocessing status for each dialyzer is stored automatically in an .xls report and can print over WiFi or emailed to any registered mail ID of hospital staff.

Accessories - Each system is shipped with a dual unit drip tray, a high definition inbuilt 7 inch AndroidTM tablet, a water pressure gauge to measure water pressure supplied to the system and other accessories like blood port caps, test strips, PVC medical graded tubes for water connections along with user guide for installation and operation.


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